• Advanced Diploma as a Professional Coach – qualified in 2004

  • Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) – qualified in 2004

  • Extensive research in general nutrition

  • Extensive research in nutrition in overweight and obese individuals

  • Extensive research into the psychology and behavioural science behind food

  • Extensive research in gut health

  • Extensive research in the role of diet in mental health

  • Extensive research in overcoming mental health

  • Extensive research in meditation practice

  • Qualified run coach and MAF run/walk specialist

  • Keen foodie and café addict!

About Victoria

I am a business woman through and through, having run several different companies over the last 30+ years.  I've been coaching and mentoring within the business development sphere since 2004 alongside running my own companies.  I still actively mentor 1 or 2 newer businesses every year.


In 2018 I started coaching individuals to shed excess weight, get healthy and to be more mobile - my specialism became very overweight individuals and after stunning successes within this field there was great demand to bring that to a wider audience.  Those successes grew into my program '21 Day Reset with Victoria' before morphing into the revised and even more powerful 'ONE ME Method' a 12 week program that revolutionises not just what and how you eat but your thoughts, habits and unconscious thinking around food and daily life.


Being a huge fan of cafés and inspired by a trip to New Zealand in early 2020 and the flexibility of fabulous low carb/low sugar foods on offer in mainstream cafes there, I want to encourage cafes here to serve their traditional fare alongside low carb/low sugar favourites too - good healthy food should always look and taste fantastic.   


In my spare time I love to walk my dogs, read, paint and watch movies.  Having already conquered two Ironman finishes, very slowly, in Sweden and New Zealand, my next challenge is to embrace the Coast to Coast path across the north of England with a 190 mile walk from St Bee’s in Cumbria across to Robins Hood Bay in Yorkshire.  Based in Warwickshire, we are so lucky to have some stunning scenery and history surrounding us although jaunts to the coast and the mountains are always enjoyed.