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Adventure Storytelling

A unique and audacious approach to telling the story of your adventure:

  • You are about to embark on your very own adventure of a lifetime...

  • You are the star of this adventure, you are in the midst of your race...

  • You need to build and engage your audience for your sponsors...

  • You want to raise more awareness and £'s/$'s for your chosen charities...

Who do you trust to commentate on your journey?

"No guts, no story."
Chris Brady

A Unique Perspective


Victoria Jeffs has been writing about sporting achievements and adventures since 2005 and an endurance athlete for over 25 years. She has been sharing knowledge, providing expert planning support, including logistics, mental preparation, press and media coverage since 2014. She sponsored her first boat across the Atlantic in 2016 and has sponsored someone every year since.

An Experienced Writer

With her unique brand of commentary, alongside her ability to explain, it will engage readers in a compelling and motivating narrative. She will grow your followers through informative, passionate and real life inspiring commentary.  Enabling you to raise more profile for your sponsors and most importantly funds and awareness for your chosen charities.

Passionate About Adventure

Passionate about growing the global interest in extreme adventuring and with a particular passion for growing the sport of ocean rowing over the coming years, Victoria knows first hand what it takes to push yourself beyond all your perceived boundaries - you cannot be the same person at the end of your adventure as the one who started out.  Adventure maketh the man - or woman, for that matter!


"Die with memories, not dreams"

Content Is King

The appetite for following adventures and extreme endurance athletes has grown massively over the years but creating content during these adventures has always been an issue. However effective you might be day to day, whilst your challenge is underway documenting that race and writing your story is key to maximising engagement but that may be severely challenged when communications are limited or you are in the midst of a racing mindset. 

Creating the right narrative about you is crucial to maximising and fulfilling your objectives to your sponsors and in your goals for the causes you wish to champion and the funds and awareness you raise for your charities.

Getting the tone of that narrative right is unique to each and every individual but a robust understanding of human psychology, mental fitness, physical capabilities and technology is key to getting that message to the wider public.

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself"
Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)


What We Do

In short, we tell your story, as it happens, day by day, on your social media platforms. 

Your supporters may love watching and cheering you on but they often won't know about the complexities of adventuring and endurance racing, they will often not know what to post on social media beyond a picture and a brief comment. 


This is where we fill the gap, we are passionate about sharing adventures in a powerful way, so your followers back home are chomping at the bit for the next instalment in your journey. Creating compelling content and painting a full picture of the mental, physical and technical challenges being faced on a daily basis.

We commentate on your journey and post on your social media channels as well as directly with your core team back home. We create the narrative to your story, with multiple posts, every single day.

Helping others plan and record their adventures continues to be a lifelong obsession - we will even distill the highlights of your content into a unique 'video' and 'coffee table book' perfect as a lasting memory of your adventure and great as gifts for family and friends.

"Don't dream your life, live your dream"


Victoria Jeffs

Having lost a mother to cancer and then a father to suicide in the 1990's, it changed her perspective on the world forever - this started a life long interest in human psychology and an assertion that life is there for living and ultimately only YOU can make your life happen. 

Victoria has been a thrill seeker for years, she's been buried under white water rapids and come out smiling, she's jumped out of an aeroplane at 10,000 ft and not considered that quite adventurous enough, she has skied down more mountains than most, survived white out ski conditions and lived to tell the tale, she's waterskied down Windermere screaming with excitement - she can be classed as a bit of a speed freak.


She's competed in three Ironman races, spectacularly crashing out of her first and then completing the next two, she's kayaked around miles of coastal waters from as far afield as Cornwall to Jamaica, as well as covering 150 miles by bike, foot and canoe in a single, solo and exhilarating journey in Scotland. 


She's enjoyed open water swimming in some bizarre and isolated locations and been hauled out of the water with hypothermia in Coniston.  She's battled the sea and the jellyfish at the Salty Seadog - she's still smiling and asks herself everyday - what is great about this?


She respects nature in all her guises.  She knows the power of adventure. She knows the power of the water.  Her future plans, in addition to her own Totally OARdacious ocean rowing adventures, include some sailing and heading into space one day.


"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear"
George Addair

Lasting Memories

  • After your adventure we craft together your own digital video of the edited highlights of your story, creating a unique and lasting film of your achievements. 

  • We can also craft your adventure into your very own coffee table book using the edited highlights of your journey to tell your story in a compelling, motivating and inspiring way, something you can share with family, friends and followers.

To discuss your adventure and how we might be able to support you, please contact Victoria directly at or call her
on +447969 094488 


"No borders, just horizons - only freedom"
Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)

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